Oxford Wordlists

Giving you the
power to validate


The Oxford Wordlists enable developers to validate words and check spellings with confidence.


Sourced from our world-class dictionary content, our wordlists are of the highest quality, providing clean, structured, and customizable data curated by our expert language data technologists.


We provide off-the-shelf, all-inclusive wordlists and are able to quickly and easily create bespoke wordlists for your unique use case, including tailoring for offensive terms, domain-specific requirements, and much more.


All of the Oxford Wordlists are de-duplicated, platform agnostic, and available offline, giving you the flexibility to develop applications without constraints.


We offer wordlists in more than 50 languages, including English, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish: full list of available languages.

Oxford English Wordlist

The Oxford English Wordlist is the most comprehensive English wordlist on the market, with 480,000+ British English and American English words in current use available for download.

The wordlist contains every main, variant, and inflected word form taken from our renowned English dictionaries, and includes multi-word phrases, un/broken compounds, abbreviations, and symbols.

Available as an off-the-shelf product, the Oxford English Wordlist equips developers with a clean, flexible, and reliable list of English words to power applications.

Customization options

The Oxford English Wordlist is also available with a high level of customization, with an enormous array of filterable options to include or exclude words, such as:

Offensive, derogatory, vulgar slang

Domain, e.g. computing, intelligence

Semantic, e.g. informal, technical

Part of speech, e.g. noun, adverb

Encyclopaedic content, e.g. Churchill, Sir Winston

Trademarks, e.g. Kleenex

Character count, e.g. specify words with four or more characters only

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