Oxford Dictionaries API

Empowering you
to create something incredible

The Oxford Dictionaries API is the self-service toolkit for our world-renowned dictionary data.


Built to equip and empower developers with Oxford’s diverse and customizable datasets, the Oxford Dictionaries API provides reliable, up-to-date monolingual and bilingual data in an accessible, scalable environment.


Our Oxford Dictionaries API language data is flexibly assembled to facilitate endless building possibilities and is already embedded in apps and platforms of all kinds – from learning and reading support tools, to quizzes and games, to dictionary lookups and bots.

Our featuresEnable you to
28 Supported LanguagesDevelop for a range of communities with large quantities of
quality data from widely used and digitally under-represented
languages; a unique and growing feature of the OD API.
Including Hindi, Latvian, Portuguese, Swahili, and many more.
LexiStatsUnlock further dimensions of a word and create more
opportunities for you and your application with word
appearance frequency information derived from our corpus.
6 Programming LanguagesAccess and code with our API in Java, Node, Objective-C,
Python, Swift, and .Net/C# across all 28 of our languages
Search FiltersSave time and effort when accessing the OD API with our
shortcut implementations; you can filter search data so you
only have to handle the necessary entry results.
Sentence DictionaryBring real-life usage information to your users with editorially
curated and externally sourced example sentences,
encouraging greater engagement and understanding of words in context.
ForumMake the most out of the OD API with our
community for developers; a safe and collaborative
environment to access technical help, raise queries, discuss
projects – and be inspired.
WebinarsIncrease your understanding of our powerful API through our
webinar series. You can find recordings of previous webinars
and announcements of upcoming sessions on our forum.
Definitions, Translations,
Thesauri, Audio Pronunciations,
Word Origins
Go beyond dictionary lookup and captivate your users with a
broader understanding of the languages available in our range
of endpoints. All branded with the authoritative Oxford name.